Thursday, 28 October 2010

So, who wants to craftswap?

Craft Swaparama is an upcoming event in Leeds, where people who craft can meet and exchange their creations.

Do you craft, but feel unsure about giving your handiwork as gifts?

Are you fabulous at your craft, but yearn to own items of craft you can't do?

Do you want to meet other crafters, and look at other crafts you've never even heard of?

Then Craft Swaparama is for you!

On 12th December between 1-4pm at the Victoria Pub, craftsters of Leeds will gather and in exchange for an item of craft of £10 value (or a collection of items to a £10 value), they will receive a token which is redeemable against any other craft item on the day.

So for example, Alma loves making jewellery. She brings along a necklace, which she swaps for a token. She uses the token to buy Henry's collection of 'zines. Henry uses his token from the 'zines to buy a pair of handknitted mittens from Molly. Molly uses her token from the mittens to buy a pack of Christmas cards from Danny. Danny uses his token from the cards to buy a necklace've guessed it, Alma!

Interested? Leave a comment here, or send an email to to sign up to the mailing list. Then get crafting!